NES Games

Getting ready to make NES games at the 2020 Global Game Jam

I really enjoy making NES games. They are the right mix of low level challenge, but also simple due to the hardware's limitations. I've tried doing retro-dev for other systems, but none of them have ever stuck. The GameBoy was my favorite system growing up, but I've found I don't really enjoy the mess that is z80 asm. I love working with m68k, but have struggled with making Sega Genesis games because it feels like the quality bar should be so much higher.

I end up using a mix of modern tools like cc65, Aseprite, VSCode, and Python. Original NES games were almost written almost exclusively in assembly, but it's nice to have flexibility. I write most of high level parts of my NES games in C, and just do the "fun" parts in assembly. ;)

Anyway, I've rounded up many of my existing projects and put them here so you can play them in your browser. Enjoy! :D


Critical Match
A block stacking, shape matching platformer
Treasure Stack
A block stacking, action puzzle platformer

GGJ Projects

Simpler games made for the Global Game Jam in a weekend.

Global Game Jam Demo
A demo to pitch making NES games for the Global Game Jam :)
Interglactic Transmissing
A two player puzzle game
Over Crispd
Like Overcooked... but with gene sequencing
Super City Mayor
Fix up the town... and your approval ratings
A two player board game puzzle battler
A boss battler about clowning around


Everyone needs more projects they never finish right?

Pinball Demo
Pinball physics prototype
Valence Demo
Physics platformer prototype